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German language courses for international students and researchers

The general German language courses of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg are open to students (Bachelor-studies; Master-studies) who are enrolled at the university and to people otherwise affiliated to the university (PhD students, university employees etc). The specific in-sessional German preparatory courses are intended for people applying to study at the university. If you wish to apply to the university, please contact the Student Advisory Centre and Careers Service for detailed information. Please note, that to become a so called "Gasthörer", you need the DSH-certificate, thus advanced knowledge of the German language (C1-level).

As the Sprachenzentrum (Language Centre) website is mainly in German, the most important information for those who are studying or working at the university and wish to attend basic German courses is summarized in the following. Information about courses of the intermediate level and advanced level you find here.

  • Course fee:
    • free for students (yellow FAU-card) enrolled at the university, participants of the international degree programmes, visiting scholars/researchers, internship participants (green FAU-Card)
    • € 120 per semester for a 4-hour course for regular university employees (blue FAU-card) (money transfer during the semester)
  • Time / Venue:
  • Placement:
  • To be registered for a course we need to know which language level you have already mastered. There are three ways to define your placement:

  • Course registration:
  • To register for a course in Erlangen or Nuremberg, please follow the following procedure:

    • 1. Send us your personal data as from the 16th of September 2019. How?
    • 2. Make an appointment for the course registration. How?
    • 3. Come to registrate for the courses. When and where?
    • 4. First we put you on a waiting list of the courses you want to register for.
    • 5. Afterwards we decide, who can be put finally on the course list. We will send information about it by email.
      • For the courses in Nürnberg: 18th of October 2019
      • For the courses in Erlangen: 18th of October 2019
    • 6. Confirmation by course attendance. What is meant by this?
  • Course start
  • Getting into a course after the first week of lessons is possible only if some strong reasons (sickness, trouble with your visa etc.) can be proved and if a valid placement is at hand.

    After the second week of lessons a late course start is not possible any more.

  • Course certificates
  • An attendance of at least 85% of the lessons given in a course is necessary to receive a course certificate (ECTS and grades). Furthermore course tests have to be done successfully.

    German Language Certificates of certain levels according to the Common European Reference Frame are not done by the Sprachenzentrum of FAU. Please contact Geothe-Institut, TestDaF-Institut or Volkshochschule.

For further information please contact:

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